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Microsoft Advertising Digital Events

  • UI Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Protypes
  • a11y

With the advent of COVID-19 and in-person events not being feasible, the team at Microsoft Advertising wanted to focus on webcasts and video content, including a new serialized video program: The Download.

To support this effort, I developed new page templates for the Microsoft Advertising Web site. The new templates focused on presentation of video content, with three main categories of content:

  • Gallery template – shows all content organized by video category
  • Category template – content built around a specific channel or category
  • Show template – show content for a specific episode or event

The final design modified many existing features of the site, like the dark blue page headers and the tab controls, and introduced new elements such as the category tags that incorporate more of the Microsoft brand color palette than had been used before, as well as a new three column grid for displaying videos.

In addition to working closely with stakeholders and the development team to define requirements and flow of the new content section, I created the pages as HTML mockups, and managed the CSS and JavaScript for the final build.

Post release, I continued to support the site with functionality improvements and new features like moving to YouTube videos instead of the Microsoft One Player and accessibility enhancements.

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