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WordPress 3D Rotator

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • performance
  • a11y

As part of the development of a yet to be released custom WordPress theme, the client asked for a 3D product rotator feature. While this could have been created with an existing plugin or component, we decided to build a custom rotator for the following reasons.


Visual design was a high priority of the site implementation, and existing plugins we tried were difficult to style correctly.


Loading a 3D rotator can be costly in terms of performance. By creating a custom plugin, we could optimize the hit to page load times.


A custom plugin allowed us to create the best possible experience for all users, especially including good keyboard support.

Content Management

Creating a 3D rotator involves managing a large number of assets, including entering x/y coordinates on each image to track product features. By creating a custom plugin, we were able to create a workflow that improved the speed of creating new content.

The final result was a WordPress plugin that optimizes load times, is fully accessible, and meets the design requirements of the client.